A Reflection for Palm Sunday- A Donkey’s Tale

The events of Palm Sunday as narrated by the colt that Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the first day of the Passion Week.

Yet tied to my mother, this barn was my world, my home,

until two men came seeking us saying,”The Lord needs them.”

Immediately our master obeyed, untied us without a word,

I wondered who it could be,the one whom they called the Lord?

Our master loved us dearly,surely, he would not just give us away,

unless this Lord was someone special,I was curious, I must say.

Down the mountain we trotted, a whole new world to see;

I was anxious and afraid, glad to have my mother beside me.

“Who is this Lord, mother?” I asked, “My child,” she replied,

“he does great and wondrous things that no one can deny.”

Comforted by my mother’s words, I galloped down the mountain with glee,

excited to meet this Lord, but what could he want from me?

I had come into this world not so long ago; still dependent on my mother, tethered to her so.

Unfit for any labor yet, or lifting burdens heavy; A young colt such as I, surely wasn’t ready.

As we approached the village, we were greeted by a breathtaking sight-

The lights, the crowds, the animals, my heart jumped with delight.

At last we stopped at a home, I felt a gentle touch upon my head:

“I will ride this one through the city,” the kind stranger said.

“It’s the Lord,” whispered Mother, I looked up in awe;

Looking at me with affection, was the kindest face, I saw.

Instantly I loved him, for in my heart I knew,

he would take good care of me, no harm would he let me come to.

“What city are we going to mother?” I asked, She replied, “Jerusalem, that great city of old,”

I could hardly sleep with excitement that night, as, of its glory, she told.

The next day as we journeyed to Jerusalem, The Lord did not yet burden me with a ride;

He rode my mother most of the way and let me stay close by her side.

Then his followers put their cloaks on me, once we approached the city gate;

Gently, yet firmly, he climbed on me, This Lord must be truly great:

For no sooner did they see him, the crowds did shout and sing,

“Hosanna in the highest, let His praises ring!”

I listened in quiet admiration, as they kept singing their song-

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord1, they kept cheering him along.

They covered our path with their cloaks, and palm branches they laid,

The Lord ensured my hooves were unscathed, as he carefully made his way.

“Hallelujah, Hosanna!” The crowd continued to sing,

they bowed down in worship, and hailed him as their king.

Some also hailed him as a prophet, yet others grumbled and said -“

“Forbid these men to sing and praise, send them away instead!”

The Lord answered, “You may silence the crowds, forbid them to sing or shout,

Don’t you know if you restrain them, the stones will cry out?”

At this, they were angry, while others were stirred to ask,

“Who is the one who leads crowds away?”

The people replied, “Jesus of Nazareth.”

So, this Lord was not only a king but also, a prophet too?

I did not understand what all this meant, nor felt like I needed to.

To me it sufficed that this Lord, had found a use for me;

treated me so kindly, he was the best master one can ever be.

Comforted by the assurance in his voice, and his gentle touch,

I have found my new master, who loves me very much.!

~ Pooja Chilukuri, Once There Was Jesus

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