Pooja’s Story

I was a devout Hindu, a sincere God seeker, a dutiful follower of rituals and traditions and committed to raking up good karma for my next life. A series of miraculous events led me to Christianity. Constant prayers, following Bible principles and seeking after God’s will for my life characterized my Christian life. So far, so good. However, as my religious striving and commitment to my church leadership increased, my vision of Jesus slowly faded away into darkness. I felt deeply disconnected from God, resulting in a state of spiritual “bankruptcy”. Thus ended my Christian life. What (or who) followed next, was outside the scope of my wildest imagination. His name is Jesus. 

By making my very personal and private spiritual journey public through my memoir, And Then There Was Jesus, I want to reach out to all those who have been spiritually damaged in their soul and disillusioned by God. I believe that there are many today who are disappointed and deeply hurt by the God whom they have served in spiritually “toxic” religious groups. Many of us have given up on religion and therefore given up on God, but God has not given up on us. I know that because He did not give up on me. My story is also a love story- A love story that is not for me alone. I wrote this book to let you know that you too are loved with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3)

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2 thoughts on “Pooja’s Story

  • by Sasi Taneja

    Dear Pooja,

    I am finding it hard to express the overwhelming emotion i am feeling after reading your words. What you have shared is an honest, beautiful , succinct and yet deep set of feelings that so many of us feel but are unable to explain, sometimes even to our own selves.

    Thank you for bringing out this very important subject. If your introduction to your book is this wonderful , wonder what effect reading the entire book would have on me ?!! I just cant wait for that experience !

    Thank you once again for taking the pains to pen your feelings. It will help many !


    • by Pooja This is post author

      Dear Sasi

      Your comments have warmed my own heart and been a source of encouragement! Indeed i want this message to reach many, many of us who are hurting inside, looking for the God who would truly care! I sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading the book and share your feedback and thoughts with me!

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