Calories or chemicals

Are you counting Calories or Chemicals? As health conscious individuals, we have been conditioned to count calories only, but are we paying attention to chemicals that are sabotaging our health and well-being?

Among other issues, food additives have been linked to obesity, digestive problems, ADD and cancer. How many of us are paying attention to food labels, ingredients lists?

I am not a fan of processed foods and would advocate never eating anything for which you have to read the label but there are times that we may need to (not a perfect world, right?) The busy holiday season is a perfect example.  Even with the best of planning and cooking, we may be tempted to grab some stuff “out of a box” or buy precooked thanksgiving/ Christmas meals. It is for those times we need to be armed with education to make the right decision. When preparing your own meals, for fruits and veggies choose, locals, seasonal and organic as much as possible. For meats choose pasture raised, organic when possible.

For any “food like” food out of a box please make sure to read labels and choose the brands with the shortest possible list and ingredient names you can pronounce.

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