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Nutritional Deficiencies: Causes, Signs, and Prevention

Nutritional deficiencies- once thought to be the result of malnutrition, due to lack of availability of food, can creep in despite an abundant availability of food. In this post we will explore the causes and signs of nutritional deficiencies, and what we can do to prevent them. What Are Nutrients? Nutrients are complex components of [Continue]

Healthy Eating Made Easy-Nutrition 101

Healthy Eating Made Easy The subject of healthy eating can get very complex, given the shift in dietary trends, and changing nutritional guidelines. Regardless of nutritional beliefs and dietary preferences, using the 5R rule can help make eating well simple and easy. The 5 Rs of eating well are as follows- Keep it Real; Reduce [Continue]

Calories or chemicals

Are you counting Calories or Chemicals? As health conscious individuals, we have been conditioned to count calories only, but are we paying attention to chemicals that are sabotaging our health and well-being? Among other issues, food additives have been linked to obesity, digestive problems, ADD and cancer. How many of us are paying attention to [Continue]

How to Lose Weight in 5 Simple Steps

Do you want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off? Have you starved yourself, lost some weight and then gained it all back? Tried yo-yo dieting and failed? Are you tired of counting calories? What about trying a bunch of different types diets and then plateaued? Although some of these diets work well [Continue]

Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

If you are on statin drugs for lowering cholesterol, it may behoove you to consider supplementation with CoQ10 according to a recent research study. You can click here to read more. This study describes How Statin drugs stimulate atherosclerosis. The FDA has also expanded advice on statin risks. Also, while considering supplements, pay attention to quality. The list [Continue]

Pills and Skills Model of Health Care

The Pills and Skills Model of Healthcare Self care is the best health care. World renowned physician, Dr. William Sears proposes the “Pills and Skills” health care model. This model requires that we partner with our physician to take charge of our health. The partnership begins with a shift in paradigm in the case of [Continue]

Healthy Snacks “on the go”

I am sharing some of my favorite “on the go” healthy snacks today. Barring any food intolerances or allergies, these can be a quick and healthy fix for those hunger pangs, in between meals. When faced with hunger pangs, I have often been tempted to grab the most sugary snack available. However, with a little planning ahead [Continue]