Category: Reflections on Jesus

The Ballad of The Good Shepherd

Once there was a shepherd, faithful, kind and good. He loved his sheep with all his heart and cared for them, like none other could. He carried the young lambs on his shoulders, tending to his flock night and day; striking the wolves with his rod, keeping watch, lest any sheep go astray. This good [Continue]

My Sabbath Miracle

A Sabbath Day Reflection On Sabbath as was my custom,  to the synagogue I made my way, though my withered hand was heavy and my heart had gone astray.    My right hand it had worsened, and I prayed to be made whole; “The Lord has judged you for your sins,” the Pharisees said, with judgment [Continue]

Pooja’s Story

I was a devout Hindu, a sincere God seeker, a dutiful follower of rituals and traditions and committed to raking up good karma for my next life. A series of miraculous events led me to Christianity. Constant prayers, following Bible principles and seeking after God’s will for my life characterized my Christian life. So far, [Continue]