Cholesterol and Statin Drugs

If you are on statin drugs for lowering cholesterol, it may behoove you to consider supplementation with CoQ10 according to a recent research study. You can click here to read more. This study describes How Statin drugs stimulate atherosclerosis. The FDA has also expanded advice on statin risks. Also, while considering supplements, pay attention to quality. The list of inactive ingredients often contain colors and dyes as well as preservatives (especially questionable is the polysorbate class of additives which are probable carcinogen). Steer clear of these.

Given the risks associated with these drugs and the fact that high cholesterol levels are often due to lifestyle factors, it makes sense to commit ourselves to a lifestyle that supports healthy cholesterol levels. If you are on these medications, please consider implementing the following “skills” to help reduce your need for these statin drugs.

-a diet rich in fiber and low in sugars ( ironically “low fat” foods are often laden with sugar)

-eat whole foods which are as close to nature as possible. Eat organic when possible. You can get a “Guide to buying organic fruits and vegetables” by either entering your e-mail on our home page, optin section or from the Environmental Working Group.

-quit smoking and avoid second hand smoke

-replace vegetable oils with healthier alternatives like organic extra virgin olive oil for sauteing. Avoid fried foods altogether.

-avoid processed foods and fast foods


-stress reduction through whatever strategy works best for you-meditation, journalling, sitting or walking in nature, spending time with your best friend etc.

If you are on statin drugs, please do NOT simply quit cold turkey. You must work with your physician as you begin to modify your lifestyle and have your cholesterol levels checked periodically (you and your physician can determine how often). Let your physician adjust your dosage as they deem fit. Your part is to commit to a healthier lifestyle and work closely with your physician.

Any lifestyle modifications, when consistently followed, may lead to reduction (or elimination) of your medication.

Invest in self care and which has the wonderful side effect of lower medical bills and a improved quality of life.



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