Nutrition and Health

Hello and welcome to my Nutrition and Health posts where I will be sharing health and nutrition tips. I will be posting healthy living tips, sharing health news and recipes. I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions as we embark on a journey to take charge of our health by being mindful of how we live (Lifestyle), how we move (Exercise), how we think (Attitude) and how we eat (Nutrition).

As you embark on your nutrition and health journey remember that no change is too small.  For example : just taking an extra two minutes every day to breathe deeply and consciously, feeling grateful and thankful as you do that, can go a long way in raising your wellness quotient.

Remember improving health means improving life:)

The content of these blog posts are for information and education purposes only and are NOT meant to replace the advise of any doctor/healthcare practitioner. For your specific symptoms, please consult with your physician.

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