Pills and Skills Model of Health Care

The Pills and Skills Model of Healthcare

Self care is the best health care. World renowned physician, Dr. William Sears proposes the “Pills and Skills” health care model. This model requires that we partner with our physician to take charge of our health. The partnership begins with a shift in paradigm in the case of both the physician and the patient. The doctor must ask, “What can I advise?” instead of “What can I prescribe?” The patient must ask, “What can I do?” instead of “What can I take?”

We must resolve to implement at least two skills for every pill that we take. We do not replace the pills with the skills but add the skills to our lifestyle and medication routine. For example, if you are on blood pressure meds, without throwing out your meds, two skills you can implement are cutting back on caffeine and processed foods (that are very high in sodium) and do moderate exercise consistently. In the same way cutting back processed and refined carbs and including more fiber rich foods as well as exercise can help reduce cholesterol levels. Be aware that for every skill you choose to implement in a committed and consistent manner, your dosage of medicine may need to be reduced!! Hence, the importance of partnering with your doctor and periodically monitoring your blood levels.  This health care model will help reduce your medical bills in the long run.

Remember 2 skills for every pill. HEALTH CARE should be about SELF CARE


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