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Jesus on the Cross book cover for Pooja's memoir

Pooja’s memoir, And Then There Was Jesus, is her story of finding religious freedom, recovering from religious wounds, and discovering herself. It is available anywhere that books are sold.

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“This is a heartfelt, personal story from a woman who has experienced the worst and the best of “religion”. – Maryjane

“With the challenging and confusing facts about churches and their beliefs , this book stands out as a soul searching tool to evaluate our thirst for reality, goodness and purity of Jesus’s teachings that measure people’s faith with LOVE alone !”- Malini A.

“This memoir is a powerful, moving life story of the strains and pains of religion….” -Dr. Jen Lowry

Once There Was Jesus is a collection of narrative poems recounting the accounts of the gospel stories through the lens of Jesus’ friends and foes.

” Reading through the gospels which tell stories in poetic style has been such a delight to the soul. The gospels come alive and for me personally I feel I am rediscovering Jesus.”- Shalini J.

” Disciples, apostles, and other people speak of their encounters and relationships with Jesus, and the impact Jesus had on their lives — all in the first person. This gives greater understanding into the events recorded in the Bible. Although these Bible passages were familiar to me, you don’t have to be familiar with them to understand them. They are as entertaining as they are insightful. “- Marty S.

Unveiling Jesus Through His Passion is a book of reflections on the events leading up to Easter

Unveiling Jesus Through His Incarnation is a collection of reflections on the universal Christ described in St. Paul’s letters as well as the I Am statements found in the gospel of John.

A Beginner’s Guide to Using Supplements explores supplement safety and provides practical tips to select supplements.