The Ballad of The Good Shepherd

” I am the good shepherd, the good shepherd lays down his life for his sheep.”Jesus, John 10
Pic credit: Pixabay SR Maria Magdalena

Once there was a shepherd, faithful, kind and good.

He loved his sheep with all his heart and cared for them, like none other could.

He carried the young lambs on his shoulders, tending to his flock night and day;

striking the wolves with his rod, keeping watch, lest any sheep go astray.

This good shepherd could lay down his life for his sheep, who loved him as well;

but, if everything was perfect, there would be no tale to tell.

For there was an evil shepherd, greedy and unkind;

who never walked ahead of his flock, but prodded them from behind.

He used his rod to beat them when they went astray,

he cared only for their fleece and milk and not if wolves carried them away.

Soon his flock grew lean and wasted, many of his sheep died,

then he chanced upon the good shepherd’s flock, which was pleasing to his eyes.

He called out to them to follow him, by imitating the good shepherd’s voice,

for he knew they would heed none other, if given a choice.

The older sheep discerned the good shepherd’s scent, stayed close by his side,

but the younger ones were led astray, trusting the evil shepherd as their guide.

He led them to lean pastures, used all their milk and fleece,

and when they had wasted away, he used what was left, as meat.

Meanwhile, the good shepherd cried out to his sheep whom he pursued with relentless passion,

but they failed to discern his voice, for they were caught in a web of deception.

Knowing his sheep would die without him, the good shepherd went to war;

vanquished the evil shepherd and rescued his own sheep, and the rest of the flock.

And on this very happy note, we could end this tale,

but then it would be just another story, where good o’er evil prevails.

But this story continues for the battered sheep, had a long road ahead,

for they would not trust the good shepherd and continued to live in fear and dread.

The good shepherd persevered, his patience did abound.

He carried them in his arms, tending to every wound.

He loved them with an everlasting love that prevails when all else fails,

hoping that they would know him once more,

so goes the good shepherd’s tale.

From the book Once There Was Jesus: The Greatest Stories Retold by Pooja Chilukuri

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