The Empty Tomb

A Reflection for Easter Sunday

Early before the break of day, to Jesus’ tomb I went;

The night long and dark, laden with grief, I spent.

With spices to complete his burial rites, in haste, I made my way

to the cave in the garden, where my Lord’s body lay.

Many sorrowful thoughts greatly overwhelmed my mind,

when I arrived at Jesus’ tomb, I was startled to find

that the stone that sealed the cave had been rolled away;

My Lord’s body was missing, my heart was seized with dismay.

I ran to get his disciples, who swiftly ran back with me

to the cave in the garden, an empty tomb they too did see.

Downcast and downtrodden, they made their way home,

while I stood weeping ceaselessly beside that empty tomb.

I saw two men dressed in white, and one of them said,

“Why do you grieve, O Woman, why do you seek the living among the dead?1

I comprehended not what he meant, neither that he was an angel sent by God;

bursting into tears, I replied, “They have taken away my Lord!”

At once, I sensed someone behind me, turning, another man there, I saw,

“Why are you weeping, O Woman?” he asked,“Who is it that you are looking for?”

Thinking he was the gardener, who was standing there,

I pleaded, “Sir, if you have removed his body, then pray tell me to where?”

“Mary!” he addressed me by name, “Teacher!” with joy, I cried,

My trembling knees gave way, Jesus, my Lord, was alive!”

I fell at his feet in worship, He said, “Do not hold on to me,”

“Go tell my brothers, they will see me again, I’m going ahead of them to Galilee.”

To deliver his message to his disciples, I ran out of that cave,

To tell them this good news, “Jesus has risen from the grave!”

And we too shall rise, no matter how long the night

The grave has lost its victory2, as death gives way to life.

1 Luke 24:5;  2. 1 Corinthians 15:56

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