Wellness Podcast

Fruits and Vegetables reflecting healthy lifestyle

Be Made Whole is a Wellness Podcast connecting wellness seekers with wellness educators, holistic and integrative health practitioners and experts. The podcast seeks to spread awareness and raise understanding of the various modalities and tools available for individuals seeking answers for their wellness needs and to help them navigate the often confusing and complex integrative and holistic health landscape.

There is a plethora of conflicting and often confusing information on the internet for those researching their health needs. Education is key to handling information responsibly. During the podcast, you will have the opportunity to meet integrative and holistic health practitioners, to do a deeper dive into their specific modality, understand both the restrictions and the conditions benefited by these; to learn their best health and wellness practices and to get a feel for what may work best for you.

If you are interested in sharing your knowledge with our listeners, please contact us at bemadewholenc@gmail.com