About Pooja Chilukuri

Pooja Chilukuri is a resident of North Carolina-her home for over two decades. Pooja holds a BS and an MS degree with a background in scientific research. She is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Health Coach and Author with a passion for creating awareness around health and well-being through education, coaching, and counseling. Her mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their health in order to prevent chronic illnesses from taking a toll.

Pooja’s author journey began in 2015, when she published her memoir, And Then There Was Jesus, where she shares her personal story  – an account of her journey from India to the USA, from Hinduism to Christianity, her struggles with and freedom both religion, healing from spiritual wounds and self-discovery. Pooja’s book, Once There Was Jesus, is a retelling of the gospel stories as poems narrated by Jesus’ followers and foes. Pooja is also passionate about piercing the religious veil to uncover the heart of Jesus through her reflection series “Unveiling Jesus”.  Pooja continues to share stories of faith and hope through her writing. because she believes that no matter what our differences, stories remain the most powerful of all human connectors.

Pooja may be reached at pooja.chilukuri@gmail.com or (919) 964-0363 for any queries.